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MCE is about bringing together the greatest minds in tech to exchange groundbreaking ideas. If you have amazing ideas to share, see the call for papers below.


"MCE changed my life."

Jon Reid

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MCE started as a conference for developers by developers. This year, we are expanding our horizons to include all mobile creators - developers, designers and tech leaders. We are interested in details, hidden mechanisms, in short - everything behind the scenes that makes the user go WOW! when they download an app.


February 5-6, 2015

Palace of Culture and Science

Warsaw, Poland

JITTER is the workshop event at MCE. We invite you to take part in workshops chosen from seven different topics (each attendee can pick two workshops) in two theme areas: Hands On – hardware and emerging tech – and Brains On – methodology. On top of that you can choose to roam freely around the space (the incredible post-industrial Studio Tęcza) and visit the Showroom, where you’ll be able pick up and try out cool new tech products, or work on your own to take part in the Hackathon. It’s all up to you!


February 4, 2015

Studio Tęcza

Warsaw, Poland

Early Birds now on sale!



  • Mladen Barbaric

    Pearl Studios, Montreal

    Mladen Barbaric is a brand and product craftsman. He is the Founder and CEO of Pearl Studios an award winning brand and product development firm headquartered in Montreal and known for elegantly disruptive brands and products such as Misfit SHINE.

  • David Rönnqvist

    Skype, Stockholm

    David is an iOS developer with a passion for graphics animations and accessibility.

  • Nikolay Elenkov

    Freelance, Tokyo

    Nikolay Elenkov is the author of 'Android Security Internals'. For the past three years he has been writing about Android security on his blog

  • Rachel Laycock

    ThoughtWorks, New York

    Rachel is now a member of the Technical Advisory Board to the CTO which regularly produces the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar.

  • Max Bazaliy

    Bluebox Security, Kiev

    Max Bazaliy is one of the CocoaHeads Ukraine founders currently works as iOS Researcher developing low level security stuff

  • Pierre-Yves Ricau

    Square, Paris

    Pierre-Yves Ricau is Android Software Engineer. He contributes to several open source projects and created the AndroidAnnotations framework in 2010.

  • Qi

    The Codeless Code, Washington

    Qi (not his real name) has been a professional software developer since the days of the Apple II and an amateur writer and artist since he was first able to hold a crayon.

  • Alex Shirazi

    Phlint, Santa Clara

    Alex Shirazi is the founder of Phlint a mobile development firm located in Silicon Valley.

  • Cassie Shum

    ThoughtWorks, New York

    Cassandra has primarily been leading and working in a variety of mobile projects. She is also one of the leaders in the initiative to organize the women's group in ThoughtWorks

  • Dave Wiskus

    Better Elevation, New York

    Dave Wiskus is an interaction designer ( and Internet show host ( with an adorable puppy.

  • Tom Maes

    Acast AB, Stockholm

    Tom is an Apple-obsessed Belgian working as iOS Lead and Product Owner for podcasting startup Acast in Stockholm.

  • Lucas Rocha

    Mozilla, London

    UI engineer at Mozilla hacking on Firefox for Android. Creator of Pattrn TwoWayView and Smoothie.

  • Eric Lafortune

    Saikoa, Leuven

    Creator of Proguard. At his start-up Saikoa he puts all his energy in driving ProGuard and DexGuard forward and helping customers build compact and hardened applications.

  • Karl-Henrik Nilsson

    Sogeti, Borlänge

    Karl-Henrik is an experienced developer that have written code for anything from cellular network base stations to websites.

  • Wiebe Elsinga

    Freelancer, Culemborg

    Co-Founder/Organizer Google Developer Group Dutch Android User Group and Mobile Technical Lead at ItudeMobile. Basically a EntrepreNerd.

  • Chris Eidhof, Berlin

    Chris is the creator of Deckset and the book Functional Programming in Swift.

  • Rob Ashton

    Freelance, Glasgow

    Rob gets paid to help developers do better things doesn't really care about one framework or another and prefers to spend his time outside of this building awful games for the browser.

  • Andy Piper

    Twitter, London

    Widely known as a Social Bridgebuilder and speaker Andy is a Developer Advocate at Twitter.

  • Amanda McGlothlin

    Mutual Mobile, Los Angeles

    Amanda is a Creative Director at Mutual Mobile who focuses on how the successful intersection of design and engineering creates great products. She is a recognized leader in mobile design speaking at events such as SXSW in Austin and Las Vegas.

  • Cédric Champeau

    Pivotal, Nantes

    Cédric Champeau is one of the core developpers of the Groovy language. He implemented features like the static compiler traits Android support and more.

  • Amber Case

    Esri, Portland

    Amber Case is the Director of Esri's R&D Center Portland where she works on next generation location-based technology. Previously she co-founded Geoloqi a location-based software company acquired by Esri in 2012.

  • Tim Messerschmidt

    PayPal, Berlin

    As a long time mobile and web developer Tim channels his knowledge and experience as Braintree's Head of Developer Relation. He is passionate about startups and serves as mentor at multiple incubators and accelerators.

  • Kevin Rohling, San Francisco

    Kevin has been involved in many early stage startups including his role as an early engineer at CTO at Breezy and the Founder/CEO of CISimple (recently acquired now He is a software developer and entrepreneur and currently an advisor for ElectricCloud and Co-Founder/VP of Product at Emberlight.

  • Svetlana Isakova

    JetBrains, Saint Petersburg

    Svetlana has been working on Project Kotlin at JetBrains since 2011. From time to time she tries to encourage people with Kotlin at conferences. Before joining Kotlin she had a passion for Scala. She loves concepts and ideas and skiing in the Alps as well.

  • Kito Dietrich

    Mutual Mobile, Los Angeles

    Kito is a managing-partner at Mutual Mobile who takes a hands-on approach to continuously improving product ideation and delivery processes. He has 25 years of career experience in software development project management and multimedia for web and mobile - a passion that started at age 7 when he designed his first piece of software on the Commodore 64.

More speakers will be announced soon!


For MCE2015 we are taking control of the most iconic place in Warsaw - the Kinoteka cinema at the Palace of Culture and Science. The central spot in the city, it offers big auditoriums, plenty of casual networking zones, a roomy cafeteria and excellent communication links to all parts of the city, including direct links to airports. It's going to be spectacular.


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